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Published: 03rd June 2011
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The fourth MotherShip of each and every facet that spawns also gives a particular reward.
Strategic Points - Strategic Factors are spawned in a random map at random occasions, and it will despawn just one hour immediately after its spawn if not destroyed totally. An announcement is designed to all players of both factions of the map the Point has spawned in. When a Strategic Position is destroyed, all participants in the assault force gains a "SPI Capsule", which contains a monetary reward to both the player and their nation and 300 War Factors. When a Strategic Stage is productively defended right up until despawn, the defender gains bonuses. Any nation's player that however loses the Strategic Position even though staying one map just before/just after the spot of the Strategic Level will nonetheless gain a hundred WP. All gamers that are in the map of the Strategic Stage, or just one map previous to it will gain 'Personal Contribution' which is a financial reward primarily based on the player's efficiency in overcome.
War Factors- Gamers can gain War Points from attacking/defending Mother Ships, and Strategic Factors. War Points can also be obtained in battles with an additional nation. War Factors let gamers to get exceptional products from the Point Store. These points can be utilised to invest in stronger adhesives, armors, and other bonuses.
Nation Leader- Every single month gamers who are stage 60 or larger, have 1000 fame and they own a brigade (a brigade is like a clan or guild in other MMO's) with at minimum fifteen people in it and the brigade has at minimum one thousand fame. When all the gamers who want to be leader sign up the rest of the nation can vote who they want to be leader, and winner will be the nation leader right until the following election, in a month. The nation leader of every single aspect (ANI and BCU) will get a leader mark, and the leader adhesive, this provides them a defensive bonus, the leaders have a light green identify for effortless identification and they get war money, that is, revenue granted to the leader to help the nation's economic system. The leader can also opt for two sub-leaders, who can assistance them lead the nation. The leader is the an individual that can set the time when the enemy Mothership spawns, but this time cannot be transformed on the identical week as the preset time from before.
Grinding Maps- Although gamers on the BCU facet and ANI side are enemies, in some maps they will coexist and not kill each other incredibly typically, this transpires primarily in grinding maps, maps the place several will go to destroy enemies, while this coexistence between BCU and ANI is not a rule inside of the game it has advanced as being aspect of the nature of the game.
DuelsPlayers can problem other gamers in an 1 on one duel, or a formation battle (up to 6 players per formation).

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